We supply and fit garden fencing in Waltham Cross, Enfield, Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Barnet and surrounding areas.

Looking for quality fencing for your garden?

Look no further than contacting our experienced team here at Touchstone Drives Ltd. We design, supply and install fencing built to your specific requirements, whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer.

    • New fencing installations
    • Replacement fence panels
    • Fencing repairs, no job is too small
    • Recoating of existing fencing
    • Levelling of existing fencing
    • Wooden or concrete fencing
    • Reset or replacement of concrete posts
    • Garden gates of any size

We install modern or traditional fencing to compliment your garden and your landscaping. Whether you need a few standard panels to be replaced or you need a whole area to be fenced off for either security or privacy, call in the fencing experts today.


Touchstone drives fencing installation is a trusted and reliable option for homeowners seeking to secure their property. TOUCHSTONE DRIVES uses highly durable and long-lasting materials, ensuring the fence will remain in optimum condition for many years to come. Touchstone drives fencing is not only functional but visually appealing as well, adding an aesthetic touch to any property. Additionally, touchstone drives fencing can be customized to fit any specific needs or requirements a homeowner may have, such as fence height or style preferences. Overall, touchstone drives fencing installation is a practical solution for homeowners looking to enhance the security and appearance of their property.


With many different styles, shapes and colours of materials to choose from, any type of walling is possible. If you have existing walling that needs some attention, we can help with that too. Our experienced team can rebuild, repair, repoint, render and clean existing walling to transform the look of your garden.